Stop 150 pokie casino in Burpengary

Stop 150 pokie casino in Burpengary

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OLGR QLD (Office of Liquor Gaming & Regulation QLD)

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Started by Margaret Cook

Proposed Burpengary Community Club/Casino
10 Henderson Rd Burpengary

Application for gaming licence for 150 pokies will destroy our local community. Burpengary is a hard working, family oriented, working class community trying to support their families and improve our lives. Gambling and 150 pokies will drive families apart, increase domestic violence and make people poorer. If this was a true community club we the community would know about it and we would see some value. This is a gambling casino style profit making project.

The proposal also for a 2am liquor and gambling licence would put a massive drinking and gambling venue in a small neighbourhood community street facing houses on Henderson Rd.

The proposal combines a shopping centre and Club which encourages excessive problem gambling, plus it makes it harder for people to stay away from the gambling when it is part of centre with grocery store, cafe and doctors surgery!

The massive proposed Club is next door to a kindergarten which should not be allowed due to dangerous traffic, smoking and drunks. Where is the community spirit or concern for our future generations, why would we expose young kids to drinking and gambling?

The operating hours are excessive til 2am and it is next to a residential home and fronts a small residential street of young families and kids trying to play outside. The loading dock access will be on their street!

This massive Club with 150 pokies will be a massive negative impact on a often struggling, financially disadvantaged community. Pokies and gambling tear families apart and drive abuse. We can read study after study. Even Coles and Woolworths see the negative impact they are having. The community consensus has turned on pokies. No more pokies.

Call to object Glenn Wegener
Principal Licensing Officer
Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation
t: +61 7 3033 0036 or go online


His office is open from 9:00am until 4:30pm Monday to Friday and is situated at Shop 4, 232-236 Young Road, Narangba Q 4504.

Shane King MP
State Member for Kurwongbah
P 07 3448 9100
F 07 3448 9109
Shop 4, 232 - 236 Young Road
Narangba Q 4504

241 have signed. Let’s get to 500!