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Inheritance Tax Discrimination Category C

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Re: Equality and the law. Inheritance tax/ class action....I am at the start of a process:

I wish to include a submission for Public Consultation to The law reform Commission.

* What about single childless individuals who are not married/ cohabiting/ LGBTs in same sex unions/ have no blood relatives and are not farmers ?

Individuals, outside the above family groups must leave their estates to category C who have to pay 33% tax on any amount over €15,000 approx yet, the other individuals (in the above list) have an unfair advantage in favour of their children and partners and blood relatives (in category A). This is discrimination.

After all being single and childless is a choice and a right.

Single individuals should have the right to nominate beneficiaries who can have the same preferential benefits as "the family" enjoy.

* The up shot of the existing law is that Category Cs are really cash cows...who subsidize the rest.... ! So much for that buzz word "equalization" !

I believe the law needs to be changed.




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