Create a third strata separate from ruling & opposition with minority victors in Goa.

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I want a middle portion in Goa legislative assembly because I am tired of opposition n ruling party playing a game with Goa. Don't let this happen. Bring a middle party between the opposition n ruling. A portion that does not take sides but chooses to be a police that watches the two... in their working and gives a clear way for the public.

This would be best done in a suggested manner : 

1. A Party gets 16/40

2. B Party gets 3/40

3. C Party gets 14/40

4. D independent candidates 5/40

Don't entertain coalition. .. but instead the party with least winning candidates along with the independent get into a third party that is neither opposition or ruling and form a new divide. 

The pros are

1. There will be discipline in the house.

2. This plan gives the minority MLA's freedom from pressure and a stand that regulates the functioning of the Goa government. 

3.There is less scope for corruption and dirty politics. 

4. Each strata is accountable to the other.

5. Public gets a breather.

The cons are :

1. There could be a lot of problem in the initial months or a year as this is something new to Goa. 

2. The third party of neutral independent could collectively choose to keep quite as house proceedings continue without any objection or criticism when it deserves. 

Having stated so, I would like you all to look at the kind of pattern of the parliament of Portugal as an example. Goa ws ruled by Portugal for centuries. The Portuguese laws are followed by Goa and Goa has constantly been a state with the worst legislations passed by corrupt, incapable, greedy ministers and Members of legislative Assembly who were nothing but accomplices.



Thanking you in anticipation