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Its time to clean house at Ole Miss

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Following tonights breaking allegations and past improprieties, it is time for a cleaning of house at our university. The time has come to immediately fire Athletic Director Ross Bjork for his lack on control over the athletic department. But the buck should not stop there. It is also time for state authorities to immediately ask for the resignation letter of Chancellor Jeffery Vitter.

Over the last year we have been lectured to by Chancellor Jeff Vitter and the athletic director Ross Bjork about the changes needed around our university to improve our athletic program and the schools "image". However what these men failed to do was supervise their own staffs in running these programs, which has lead the university into its current state of affairs. This repeated failure of leadership has lead to the universities football program facing a lack on institutional control charge by the NCAA, as well as a major embarrassment to the image of Ole Miss that occurred last night and will only get worse when they appear before the committee on infractions. 

It is under the leadership of these two men that our great university has been publicly embarrassed, and pending the outcome in our NCAA case faces a long road to recovery. These men represent the highest level of hypocrisy. They spent all of their time the last several years lecturing student, alumni and supporters about the need for change in the traditions and values of our university. Instead of trying to change everything our great university stands for it may have benefited them to embrace the traditions that made Ole Miss the great place it was. As Ross Bjork said in his press conference they are the leaders of the university, and everyone should be held accountable. They both have failed to elevate this university to the next level, temporary success's are great, but the current state of the program as well as the information still coming out suggest a very long road to recovery.

 Everyone in power at Ole Miss knew this collapse was coming. So lets place blame where blame is due. Hugh Freeze gave this school some of the greatest moments in its history and took the program to heights it had never seen before, and he should be thanked for that, he showed what Ole Miss is capable of becoming. The blame for this years long mess does not fall squarely on his shoulder and it shouldn't. Therefore, blame should be placed equally. Chancellor Vitter and Athletic Director Bjork should not be exempt or seen as self righteous for what occurred last night, they are simply covering for themselves. Coach Freeze would have been fired had he not resigned, a spin will not change this fact. Ole Miss is better than this. Ole Miss should expect better than this. With a tradition and town unlike any other and some of the greatest alumni, students, and supporters you can find this school will rebuild. And glory will be restored. But not as long as we continue down this path.

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