Stop the sale of the Bowling Green for its land

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The Bowling Green public house, is situated in Hollinwood, Oldham. Planning permission has been submitted to Oldham Council to demolish this building to build a KFC and a Starbucks.

In Hollinwood, across the road is a Costa Coffee, further down the road is a KFC, residents of Hollinwood neither need, or want either restaurant or coffee shop, as there is already an abundance of these facilities close by already.

The Bowling Green public house is the only public house within the area, it has built its very own community within it. It holds a friendly atmosphere. The landlord has, over a 12 year period, created a family within it. Providing weekly quiz nights, events, live acts and pool/darts teams. The Bowling Green is also a B&B in which people have lived for long periods of time and continue to do so. 

This place is a home to many who use it on a daily basis. The plans to demolish it has destroyed the hearts of these people. The plans are to serve the passers by and destroy lives of people within the community. It is the heart and soul of the community that surrounds it. We, the locals will do all we can to prevent it from becoming another statistic.