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Older people should not vote on governmental elections.

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There should be an age at which older people lose the right to vote in parliamentary elections.  Many key election decisions are being made which affect the long term future of people in our community.  These decisions will affect the younger members of our society much more than the older members, as they have more years ahead of them.

We have an ever increasing group of older people making decisions about our society which result in a disproportionally   greater effect on young people’s futures.  Older people often have values based on memories of an idealised past and not on the issues and concerns that are important to the young and that will shape the future of this emerging generation.

The young have to wait till they are 18 years old to gain the right to vote.  I suggest that at some age close to or after retirement, such as 65 to 70 years old, this right to vote is taken away.

This will allow younger people to have more control of their futures, and to shape their futures to the values, hopes and aspirations that are important to them.  This will help take away some of the disillusionment that many young voters are feeling. It will also show a greater respect to them, showing that we trust their decisions; ones that will shape a society for all of us.  Older people have brought us to the here and now, and the young will take us on to the future. We have to have faith in them and allow them to take greater control.

I have three sons. They have decades of life to look forward to and I certainly want to share as much of this future as I can with them. However, the key decisions that have shaped my life have been taken.  The key decisions for their futures are still being made.  It is time to trust that they can make them.

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