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Olan Horne
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Petition to adopt a reporting system of transparency and accountability for victims of sexual crimes in the diocese's of Massachusetts

Bishop Rozanski we ask you to promise and commit to engage the deficiencies we heard these past weeks at the diocese's listening sessions. We ask you to address catholics, clergy, survivors and their loved ones recognizing the immediate need for the actions below. We ask Cardinal Sean O'Malley Archbishop of Boston to adopt these policies statewide for a transparent and accountable Massachusetts.

* Fund an independent clergy abuse reporting hotline .

* Appoint a new legal team to resolve all clergy abuse complaints exclusively.

* All review board findings of complaints be presented to the bishop and victim-survivor.  The diocesan review board, bishop and survivor with their chosen advocacy would proceed to a restorative process where their complaints and testimonies could be communicated in a supportive, empowering and transparent setting. This is not a process or alternative to resolving lawsuits against the diocese rather a restorative response and mission of the church and review board to help and aid victims of clergy abuse deal with the life long effects. This is a separate process and commitment in addition to any financial settlements of the victim survivor.

* Establish independent phone reporting system to report bishop and aux bishops improprieties. Similar to program recently adopted by the Boston Archdiocese.