We don't want more printed cash receipts. Stop the new cash register law!

We don't want more printed cash receipts. Stop the new cash register law!

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Michelle Bourguignon has launched this petition to Finance Minister Olaf Scholz.

Millions of receipts are printed every day in Germany. Whether in supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations or department stores: No matter where we pay for purchases or services, we get the receipt for it on paper. This is despite the fact that most of the receipts are thrown directly in the trash!

But instead of promoting a digital, sustainable alternative for all the paper receipts, politicians have enacted a law that will produce even more! We must stop this nonsensical regulation! Please help us by supporting this petition, because printed receipts are not only superfluous, but also harmful to health and the environment!

We therefore demand: Stop the paper receipt madness!

We want to end this waste of paper at the expense of our environment and our health. Let's work together to rethink politicians and merchants across Germany:

Paper is a valuable resource. Stop their waste to printing receipts!
Receipts are detrimental to our environment and health. Stop using toxic chemicals in their production!
Receipts are a relic of old times. Invest in digital alternatives!

A waste of paper at the expense of the environment

Even now, according to WWF, Germany is the country with the highest per capita paper consumption (250 kilograms per person per year!) in the world. Printing billions of receipts each year wastes even more of this valuable resource and puts a strain on our entire ecosystem. Almost every second industrially felled tree is processed into paper!

For example, more and more animal and plant species are threatened with extinction, because deforestation threatens their habitat and climate change is also affected by paper production, which needs an enormous amount of water and as much energy as the German steel industry.

Every paper saved is forest, animal, water and climate protection at the same time!

Receipts also harm the environment by other means, because they are often printed on thermal paper, which is contaminated with toxic chemicals. According to a study by BUND, 14 out of 19 receipts contain the harmful Bisphenol A (BPA) or S (BPS). In Germany we have to sperate waste. That's why the receipts actually belong in the household waste. However, many people throw receipts into waste paper. The chemicals contained in it then enter nature and put a strain on our ecosystem.

Receipts cause diseases such as cancer and diabetes

What many do not know: Even for humans, the substances in receipts are dangerous. Bisphenol A has been rated "particularly worrying" by the EU and is considered as a co-trigger for testicular, prostate or breast cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, immunodeficiency and food allergies. Fortunately, in 2020, the substance will be banned. However, the ban does not apply to the similarly dangerous Bisphenol S!

What is the new cash register law supposed to do?

With the "Law on Protection against manipulations of digital basic records," the federal government actually wants to prevent VAT fraud. The so-called receipt issue is intended to put an end to this activity. Starting in 2020, it will force retailers to issue a receipt to every customer for every transaction, whether desired or not!

While other areas of the economy are being digitized, lawmakers are betting on putting receipts further into circulation billions of times. One billion additional receipts would be issued each year as a result of the law! The Federal Council estimates the additional paper costs alone will be about 5.5 million euros. Unfortunately, the government has not considered the consequences for the environment ...

We are living in the age of digitization. From emails to e-books: Much of what was only available on paper in the past is now also available digitally. So why not receipts, too?

Why this petition is so close to my heart:

From a professional background, I research the topics environment, receipts and digitization every day. In the process, I have encountered more and more details, which I have not known about before. Climate change, deforestation and the increasing prevalence of cancers worry me a lot. Everyone should start changing something wherever they can. So I'm starting this petition. Let's stop the paper madness together!

Support this petition and help protect the environment and health now!

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0 haben unterschrieben. Nächstes Ziel: 50.000.
Bei 50.000 Unterschriften wird diese Petition zu einer der meist gezeichneten Petitionen auf Change.org!