Okotoks Needs Outdoor Hockey Rinks With Boards

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Okotoks is a town of nearly 30 000 people and has no outdoor boarded hockey rinks. Severl small ice surfaces have been flooded around town, but none of them are conducive to hockey. Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Longview, Priddis, Millerville, Bragg Creek, High River (all much smaller nearby towns) have at least one boarded outdoor hockey rink.  Okotoks has "0" since the rink boards behind the rec. centre were toen down and never replaced 10 years ago. Okotoks needs at least 3 boarded outdoor hockey rinks dispersed across town. 

The town of Okotoks has offered to flood, much too small, unboarded ice surfaces that become overcrowded with a mixture of people trying to liesure skate and play hockey. Many residents resort to skating on storm ponds to create a bigger skating surface, which the town has outlawed due to safety concerns.  

These boarded  rinks could serve a multi-purpose in the summer months as tennis, basketball or ball hockey surfaces.  

Frankly its emabrassing that a town our size has no outdoor boarded hockey rinks. We are better than this Okotoks. Lets let the town know that it is not enough to flood tiny rinks around town. Dedicated boarded shinny hockey rinks are a Canadian tradition that is extinct in Okotoks.