More Traffic Lights Commuting from Okotoks to Calgary

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High River Toyota wants to purchase a parcel of country residential land, not commercial, to relocate their dealership from High River to 1 km North of Okotoks on highway 2A.

The local residents purchased their parcels of country residential land hoping for a rural lifestyle consisting of dark skies, less traffic, and  unobstructed views of the mountains. If this application is approved they will be impacted in the following ways:

Increased light pollution from a car dealership that is lit up every night.

Increased traffic on rural back roads from people test driving cars, vehicles coming in for service, semi's delivering new cars, and employees commuting to and from work.

A natural wetlands that will be disrupted with construction.

Disturbing water tables that are already high on this parcel. Neighbors have numerous sump pumps to combat this already existing issue.

This is one of two major routes providing travel North and South from Calgary to Okotoks. 

High River Toyota have agreed to pay for a set of traffic lights at this intersection to alleviate some of the traffic concerns. Alberta transportation have already earmarked a set of lights at 306th Avenue. Do commuters between Okotoks and Calgary want 3 traffic lights between 338th Avenue and 306th Avenue?

Should High River Toyota relocate into the town of Okotoks rather than a country residential parcel? We believe this is where they should conduct this heavy industrial business. 

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