Police rept can't list Suicide,unless Signed/recorded note,or Police saw

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In Oklahoma and other states, there are many questionable deaths occurring which Police on the scene write up as Suicide. This is done even when there are things which do not point to Suicide, and no Suicide note is found. We are fighting to get a law created to stop this dangerous practice by the Police. With Oklahoma's current law, this initial Suicide determination means no autopsy is performed to determine cause of death, time of death, or do a careful examination of the body, even if requested by the family.  But if death is listed as questionable, then an autopsy is performed to determine these things, and there is a careful examination of the body.  Once an initial questionable determination of Suicide is made, the chain of injustice spirals out of control, and individuals fighting for truth are up against enormous barriers.  Even if the police then determine an investigation into the death needs to occur, very little manpower can be given to the case, as the initial report was written as Suicide. This leads to delayed investigations which lets clues, evidence, and witnesses get lost, as well as allowing the trail to go cold. Criminals are aware of these facts regarding how Suicides are currently treated. They commit a Murder and stage the death to look like a Suicide, knowing odds are the death will not be investigated.  This puts every citizen of Oklahoma in danger.  This is also a very big injustice to the dead and their family and friends. We are currently facing this exact terrible situation involving the death of my wonderful daughter Stephanie.  We want to create a law so initial Police report cannot list Suicide unless there was either a signed note, recorded message, or victim alone and police on scene at time of death. Please sign this petition to help make the United States a safer place to live, and Stop The Injustice .  We need your help so no more families will have to go through a terrible ordeal like this.          Join The Fight!    

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