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Enforce Animal Cruelty Laws in Oklahoma

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This petition calls for 3 specific actions...

1. This petition encourages Oklahoma State Legislators to ensure that current Title 21 Statute 1685 Animal Cruelty Laws clearly and sufficiently protect all non-human animals—whether wild or domestic, native or non-native, mammal, reptile, fish, or bird from willful acts of cruelty and harm that cause unnecessary suffering within the State of Oklahoma.

2. This petition also demands that Oklahoma Law Enforcement Agencies investigate all reports of Animal Cruelty within their jurisdiction and pursue criminal charges whenever Animal Cruelty Laws have been violated, AND for District Attorneys to prosecute when charges are presented to them. Oklahoma Law Enforcement and District Attorneys should be held accountable for enforcing the law.

3. Lastly, this petition calls for a new addition to current Oklahoma Animal Cruelty Laws to specifically and clearly ban all forms of "canned" shoots, such as pigeon shoots. "Canned" shoots are an unnatural situation where captive animals are transported to a location and released into a situation where they are surrounded by shooters that are in position and waiting for the "release". Individuals pay to attend such events, and such events are pure entertainment for the participants. Many animals are needlessly killed for entertainment, and in some situations, such as the most recent Pigeon Shoot hosted by Senator Jim Inhofe on the weekend of September 11th, 2016 in Kiowa County, Oklahoma, many birds were left behind maimed or injured with no food, water, shelter, or medical attention for 2 days until rescue workers found them and transported them to an Oklahoma wildlife rehab center where the survivors are being cared for by the center that is funded by public donations. This clearly was a willful act of cruelty that resulted in unnecessary harm and suffering to those birds. 

Oklahomans are stewards of our land as well as our animals. At the core of any civilization should exist not only a deep respect for one another, but also a deep respect for the surrounding environment and the animals that we share it with. Animal Cruelty is a crime that violates that respect and should be strongly rejected by the good people of Oklahoma.

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