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Ban the Use of Native American Mascots in Oklahoma Schools

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Native American Mascots such as the 'R*dskins' and the 'Indians' are harmful to indigenous youth. These are racial slurs. They reinforce racist stereotypes and does not 'honor' our cultures. It is insulting, degrading, and erasure. It fabricates a myth that indigenous peoples are no more than a costume and are merely a fantasy race. The use of native images as mascots compares us to animals or occupations and does not acknowledge our deep history and cultures. The use of Natives as mascots teaches children that the objectification and fetishization of an entire race and it's cultural genocide is acceptable. It teaches children that racism and hatred of an entire race is acceptable. It teaches children that the theft and appropriation of a minority is acceptable. It is not acceptable. 

From the 'Not Your Mascots' website, who explain it better than I, 

"It is time to address the misappropriation of indigenous identity and imagery through mascots, stereotypes and racist behaviors as well as the harmful effect that they have on indigenous youth and our communities. Professional Sports and Retail Franchises, Educational Institutions (elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities), independent crafters, and individuals co­-opt outdated, stereotypical and racist caricatures and imagery to represent their team, school, organization and self that dehumanize, marginalize, objectify and oppress indigenous people and their culture. The continued exploitation of indigenous identity and imagery for the sake of entertainment and profit creates and promotes disparaging and harmful stereotypes that allow for hostile attitudes and behavior towards indigenous people, the continued exploitation of indigenous identity and imagery by educational institutions creates a hostile environment that has a damaging impact on the psychological and spiritual well­-being of native youth exposed and subjected to the racist caricatures and behaviors that allow for the mockery of their culture and existence by their peers and supported by their educators and administrators."

We must stand up and show our children that we will not stand for racism such as this. It is unacceptable. We must change the mascot and promote a sense of peace towards all races, creeds and religions. 

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