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Do not kick out Emily Medina!

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If we don't discriminate of the basis of sex, race, or location, why should we discriminate on the basis of illnesses?
The Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics is a two year, advanced studies boarding school for high school juniors and seniors in Oklahoma. Students are chosen from all across Oklahoma- location, race, and background are said to have nothing to do with selection. The selection process is very difficult to get through and students are chosen on the basis of merit.
My friend Emily is now being faced with possible expulsion due to an illness that has not yet been defined.
She missed several weeks of school, but worked incredibly hard to make up all of her work. This work should be rewarded, not discouraged. After two semesters of work, she only failed one class. Let it be known that she did not deserve to fail that class. The teacher that failed her grades solely on the basis of favorites. Any student- current or former- would back that statement. The lowest grade that Emily recieved on any assignment was a 78, yet she recieved a 56 as her final grade. I had a similar experience when I had the same teacher. The lowest grade I recieved on an assignment was an 88- everything else was high A's- and I recieved an 85 as my final grade.
Emily has worked harder than a majority of the other students and deserves the place that she earned in the class of 2014. Her illness is obviously not hindering her intellectual ability, so why hinder her education because of it? She is taking courses that are taught at a college level, specifically American Literature, Chemistry, Calculus, Physics, and Latin. She managed A's and B's, with one C and then the already mentioned failing grade. She was a high school junior taking all college level courses- her grades ought to prove that she is still able to excel despite her illness.
Another factor that makes this increasingly unjust is the fact that there is another student with a major illness. He has cancer, and accommodations are made for both his treatment and his sick days. He is not being punished for being ill, so why should Emily be punished? Even though her illness has yet to be discovered, there are certain known precautions she should be taking and there are ideas as to what it may be. She has scheduled doctors appointments and while sick days are unpredictable, they are for everyone else, too. She tries her hardest to be at school, and is often there even when she feels terrible.
Emily's hard work, determination, and intellectual ability earned her the place she has in the OSSM class of 2014. Her illness is not just cause for kicking her out. She rightfully earned her place and has done plenty of work to maintain her merit. She deserves to graduate, not be removed. Please, help Emily avoid unjust expulsion.

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