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Vote NO to proposed legislation to bring guns into Oklahoma schools

Oklahoma State Representative Mark McCullough recently introduced legislation that would allow teachers to carry guns and act as reserved police officers. I hope that we can agree that putting guns into the hands of minimally trained teachers and asking them to protect our children is a bad idea.Accidental shootings are much more common than school shootings and there are many avenues that most Oklahoma schools have yet to take to raise security in schools. Guns can be very dangerous and should always be a last option if being used for protection. Please consider these statistics pulled from

A child or teen is killed or injured every 30 minutes by a gun. More children and teens die every three days in gun related deaths than those who were killed in the Newton Massacre. More children under the age of 5 lost their lives to guns than all of the on duty police officers who lost their lives in gun related incidents in 2010.

Whether you are a gun advocate or not, please consider the comfort and safety of others.Not every parent wishes to place their children in an environment where guns are present. Guns can be dangerous, so just as I would ask a person to support me in asking Oklahoma not to place my children on playgrounds filled with broken glass, I ask you to support me in asking Oklahoma to not force my children to go into a classroom with a loaded weapon. Thank you for your time.

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