Suspend House Rules for HB3113 and SB1086 or We Will No Longer Trust You With The Keys

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This petition is to serve notice to the members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives wishing to seek re-election that we will not be entrusting you with the keys to our state for an additional term if you continue to refuse to allow a presentation and vote of HB3113 and SB1086, in present form or as ammended, to be brought to the house floor.  We can no longer grant you the privige and responsibility of making critical decisions for the prosperity and security of our beloved state and it’s people’s future as you have failed to find real solutions and provide measures to create financial stability. You continue to use a false narrative to pacify us with a promise of economic growth, but the entity responsible for measurement of growth, revenue, and projected future stability (OMES) has stated that is an embelishment and not true. 

Many of the members did not believe they would face an opponent for the 2018 election but brave men and women stepped up and said “no more”. Oklahomans could no longer sit idly by and watch members continue to divert our state down the dangerous and detrimental path it had been placed on. Despite constituents begging and pleading with members to take active measures those constituents who had placed their trust in members were ignored. You no longer honor or respect the position and you no longer deserve our loyalty. We have been lied to, disrespected, let down, and our trust has been broken by you. We are ready to take back our state as you have been careless and reckless with the power given to you. 

Members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives majority party you have until the end of this session or special session to fulfill the promise you made by bringing these bills forward, or we will not only choose to not support but we will actively support your opposition. 

We will work together with all of those you have failed to protect. Those you have blatantly lied to and have had full disregard for including 125,000 state education employees, 34,000 other state employees, parents, guardians, and other relatives of 688,511 public education students, 789,000 Oklahomans reliant on Medicaid funding, and the hundreds of thousands of Oklahoma’s past employees who served this state and must live off of pensions you refuse to increase. 

We request your consideration and vote in order to move our state forward instead of continuing to push it further back. 

Josh West- House District 5
Tom Gann-House District 8
Mark Lepak-House District 9
Travis Dunlap-House District 10
Kevin McDugle-House District 12
Avery Frix-House District 13
George Faught-House District 14
Scott Fetgatter-House District 16
Justim Humphrey-House District 19
Bobby Cleveland-House District 20
Dustin Roberts-House District 21
Charles McCall-House District 22
Terry O'Donnell-House District 23
Dell Krebs-House District 26
Zack Taylor-House District 28
Kyle Hilbert-House District 29
Mark Lawson-House District 30
Kevin Wallace-House District 32
Gregory Babinec-House District 33
Sean Roberts-House District 36
Steve Vaughan-House District 37
John Pfeiffer-House District 38
Ryan Martinez-House District 39
Chad Caldwell-House District 40
Tommy Hardin-House District 49
Marcus McBride-House District 53
Kevin West-House District 54
Todd Russ-House District 55
Harold Wright-House District 57
Rhonda Baker-House District 60
Jeff Coody-House District 63
Rande Worthen-House District 64
Scooter Park-House District 65
Jadine Nollan-House District 66
Scott McEachin-House District 67
Chuck Strohm-House District 69
Carol Bush-House District 70
Ross Ford-House District 76
Mike Ritze-House District 80
Mike Osburn-House District 81
Tammy West-House District 84
Jon Echols-House District 90
Chris Kannady-House District 91
Lewis Moore-House District 96
Tess Teague-House District 101





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