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Oklahoma City Civic Center - Celebrity Attractions: Provide Reasonable Accommodations to Handicap Individuals


Discriminating against an individual due to a disability is not only immoral, but against the law. The only way we can overcome this inequity is by expressing our discontent with current policies and procedures

My Grandmother attempted to view a show at the Oklahoma City Civic Center. However she was told she would be unable to view the performance in her wheelchair. Her wheelchair is a medical necessity and is an extension of her body. Instead of discovering a reasonable way to accommodate her handicap, my grandmother was given the following options:

1)      Sit in a normal seat

2)      Sit by herself in another row if she wanted to use a wheelchair. (Unacceptable since there would not be anyone to push her out in the event of an emergency.)

3)      Leave the event without a refund

When I was asked to speak to a supervisor I was told to contact the mayor. This is why I am starting this petition so my voice can be heard.  This petition is for everyone who has a Grandparent or disabled loved one in their life.

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