Oklahomans Against Petland

Oklahomans Against Petland

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Oklahoma Alliance for Animals started this petition to City Councilors and

This petition has been edited to include the entire state of Oklahoma. We recently learned that Petland not only has a Tulsa location set to open on October 31, but an OKC location (13820 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Unit 8) is set to open soon as well. 

The Tulsa City Council has so far failed to enact any local ordinance banning the retails sales of puppies and kittens. 

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To Mayor G.T. Bynum, City of Tulsa Councilors & Tulsa Animal Welfare Commission:

We urge Tulsa Mayor G. T. Bynum and Tulsa City Councilors to immediately pass an emergency ban on the retail sale in Tulsa of puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats, many of whom come from puppy mills.

Last year a city ordinance was proposed to the Tulsa Animal Welfare Commission that would achieve this; now a controversial puppy mill retailer is opening a retail store in Tulsa. 

Notorious Ohio-based Petland store is opening a retail store in Tulsa. The controversial pet retailer sells puppies supplied from horrific puppy mills. The company has a long history of lawsuits, complaints, and shocking investigations. Exhaustive undercover investigations allegedly revealed sickening conditions at Petland stores: clearly ill puppies, overcrowded cages, veterinary “exams” lasting 15 seconds, even dead puppies being stored in freezers.

Oklahoma has a massive pet overpopulation crisis perpetuated by puppy mills and ranks an embarrassing #4 in the nation in puppy mills. The crisis costs Oklahoma taxpayers tens of millions of dollars annually and projects a negative, backward image for the state that adversely affects commerce. The last thing Tulsa needs is to support horrific puppy mills. 

The retail sale of these animal victims also brings the risk of zoonotic disease transmission. From 2016 to 2018, a multi-state outbreak of human Campylobacter infections was linked to sick puppies in Petland stores. Pet stores also overuse and abuse broad-spectrum antibiotics in animals, greatly increasing the chances of new, drug-resistant strains of disease. The CDC found that 95% of pet store puppies had been given antibiotics. From a public health standpoint, selling pets in retail pet stores is dangerous.

By passing this emergency ordinance, Tulsa’s leaders will protect Tulsa, be advocates against cruel puppy mills and their victims, help fight the massive pet overpopulation crisis in Oklahoma, and help protect the people of Tulsa from zoonotic disease.

We propose: Section 110 be revised as follow: D. Commercial Animal Establishment. No operator of a Type B commercial animal establishment pet store shall sell, offer to sell, or transfer a dog or cat. Nothing in this section shall prohibit an operator of a Type B commercial animal establishment pet store from offering space to an animal shelter, humane society, or rescue organization to showcase adoptable animals so long as the pet store does not have an ownership interest in the animals offered and does not receive a fee for offering space.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!