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Broaden relationship formats, orientation, and gender choices

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I, as well as many I know, have successfully at one time or another utilized OKCupid to make connections with likeminded people. Beyond dating, I've found a rich vein of Good People in multiple cities with whom I have had the pleasure of sharing parts of my life.

I have, through this ingenious and intuitive website, certainly opened up my horizons in terms of the diversity of people whose company I've enjoyed. I have met more trans folk, genderqueer, and non-binary individuals than I would have any other way. I am a polyamorous person, and have been for many years. OKC has proven to me it has a thriving community that runs the gamut of non-traditional relationship styles, genders, and sexes.

As fun and useful as this site is, I've found myself butting up against the meager means we have of expressing some of the most profound aspects of our lives. Currently, the options are as follows:
Gender: Male/Female
Orientation: Gay/Straight/Bi
Status: Single/Seeing Someone/Married/Available [a limited description for those who list themselves as "Seeing Someone" but still seek sex or relationships]

Now, these terms are just enough for the vast majority of people. But regardless the relative size of the subset for whom these don't apply, they are not only useful for what is likely a significant swath of OKC's users, but also might spur on some reflection in those who have, through a restrictive social hegemony, never considered that there were even other options. The use of a full socially conscious vocabulary can raise the awareness of each of these different arenas. It can create more of a safe space for intersex and trans individuals.

There are a number of ways in which this could be implemented. I'm sure I and my fellow OKC users wouldn't mind the wait for such a complex structure to be worked into a site with established coding and mountains of data stemming from a simpler system. As long as there is the recognition that there might be a better way to cater to these populations. There should ideally be a dialogue opened about what might be the most effective AND sensitive way of labeling such intricate personal information while retaining them as useful data points in the crunching of the numbers.

I look forward to a more open and interesting atmosphere on my favorite dating website!

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