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Save Okanogan County's Back Roads!

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This petition is for ALL users of Okanogan County roads, including residents and property owners, recreationists, hunters and visitors. 

We petition the Okanogan County Commissioners and the Prosecuting Attorney to vigorously defend from illegal blockage, vacation, Quiet Title or other means of privatization, ALL public rights of way that access public land or provide escape routes during natural disasters.

Okanogan County is blessed with an historic network of dirt roads that connect our small towns and scenic public lands enjoyed by everyone. In emergencies such as wildfires and floods, these back roads also serve as critical escape routes.

In recent years, more and more of these roads have been gated off with prominent No Trespassing signs. Powerful interests with deep pockets are seeking to claim these roads, and access to public land behind the gates, as their own.

We see the growing circle of closed roads around thousands of acres of public land, and we see what is coming - private takeover, and the end of hunting, fishing, horseback riding, four-wheeling and touring - forever. Unless we act.

We, the public who live near, use, and pay for these roads and lands with our taxes need to be engaged in the decision making process at every level.

The new County Commissioners are under a lot of pressure to give in to the privatization agenda, and are being advised by the Prosecuting Attorney not to discuss the matter with their constituents. The Prosecuting Attorney has been in office for 15 years, and has not stood up to protect one road from being gated.

Our elected officials need to hear loud and clear: the public supports the county in fighting for public rights of way. We expect you to defend it on our behalf.

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