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OK Cupid: Get Rid of Your Premium Feature To Weed Out "Curvy" and "Full-Figured" People

OK Cupid has recently released a feature on their website that allows users to filter out people that are "overweight" have "a little extra," are "curvy" or "full-figured," for a fee of $4.49 to $9.99, so that according to them, you can find those you are attracted to more easily, as well as filter out those that are "thin" or "average" looking. We all know though, that this is just masked size and weight discrimination, fat-phobia and shame masked as a positive feature. And, do we really believe anyone would really filter out those that are thin?

OK Cupid is using their fat-phobic attitudes to make money. They are promoting the idea that conventional ideas about attractiveness are the only acceptable possiblities for finding a match. 

An anonymous OK Cupid user commented on this issue, saying "I've been using OK Cupid for just over a year now and it's pretty disconcerning to think men have the ability to filter me out by my body type."

As a woman who also has a little extra, I completley agree. This feature is only reinforcing our socities sexist ideas about beauty and body image. Sign today to tell OK Cupid that you feel the same.

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OK Cupid's new premium feature that allows users to filter out people by body type is a form of discrimination that should not be tolerated on your site. This feature will only reinforce fat shaming and the current standard of beauty that we know is impossible to live up to.

By allowing users to use this filter, you are isolating all of those that don't fit into a certain label and as a consequence, this will limit their dating experience. They aren't going to get out of your website what they could have, because they are being labeled and shut out based on something that is arbitrary and most likely out of their control.

I urge you to cease the availability of this feature for A-List users and consider the negative effects this feature has.

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