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This petition of the undersigned, citizens of Ojai and Ventura County, states that serious concerns have been identified regarding the installation of Smart Meters, including:

Damage to Our Health - according to a growing international body of scientific evidence

Increase in Our Electric Bills - due to higher rates charged during daytime peak hours

Invasion of Our Privacy - by recording our use of certain appliances and electronic devices

Selling of Our Privacy – to marketing companies who want to study our living habits

Control Over Our Lives
- by controlling what we can turn on and for how long

Not Secure
– because hackers can steal our personal info, and turn off our power

Not Safe
– when they spike and damage our electronic equipment, or start electrical fires in our homes

Therefore, the citizens of Ojai and Ventura County request a ban or moratorium be placed on the installation and use of all Wireless Smart Meters, with no Opt-Out costs or monthly Analog Meter fees, until all major issues and problems identified are scientifically assessed, with full public consultation, and until acceptable alternatives can be made available to all residential and commercial consumers.

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  • Ojai/Ventura County Petition to Ban Smart Meters
    Ojai City Council - Ventura County Board of Supervisors

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