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Stop the dangerous Purim activities in Johannesburg

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This past Purim, as has happened over too many Purims, a dangerous "party" was held in heart of the community.

The numerous Hatzola ambulance calls testify to the life threatening danger of this event. To allow such an open flow of alcohol to young adults and teenagers is undoubtedly a severely dangerous activity that should be halted immediately. How can it be allowed for people to get so drunk that they need to go to hospital in the name of religion. It is a disgrace.

The fact that the event takes place in the heart of the Jewish community, adjacent to many buildings full of people is most disturbing. To have music blaring way past midnight is inexcusable. It shows a complete lack of respect and consideration for any neighbours. How many children and adults were kept up through the night for the excuse of some youngsters to get sickly drunk.

Furthermore the types of people that are brought in to the neighbourhood are most unsavoury. How can one explain to one's young children when one drives or walks past the vicinity of this event, as to why some of the people are wearing so little or such inappropriate clothing.

What about all the teenagers and other susceptible people, who although the event is not officially aimed at or open to them, land up getting in to the event and then get severely negatively influenced by the environment and the plethora of alcohol on offer. How many parents are aware of the fact that their children have been to such a drunken "party", how do you think they would feel if they knew what was going on?

To hold such an event in the name of Judaism is below the belt. It cannot be that a life threatening drunken alcoholic noisy disturbing orgy is sanctioned by Judaism or any other religion or belief for that matter. Judaism preaches love and concern for one's fellow man, not to get them drunk, put them in hospital and disturb the neighbours while doing so. Any person or especially "rabbi" who claims that this is a religious event needs to seriously assess as to which "religion" it is affiliated to.

It is about time that we take a stand against such a dangerous and disturbing event and make sure that it never again destroys our Purim in Johannesburg.

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