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Petitioning Jim Flaherty Finance Minister of Canada OHIP - Ontario Health Insurance Plan and 1 other

OHIP - Ontario Health Insurance Plan: pay for ON children to have medical care in the USA

A 12 year old Toronto girl has a brain AVM which is deemed inoperable here, even though the procedure is performed here no one will touch her. The Mayo clinic in Minnisota has already performed 2 operations on her which the Mayo clinic sponsored and paid for, because OHIP wouldnt. Haley needs a 3rd, the Mayo clinic cannot sponsor out of country patients any longer, again OHIP will not pay anything. The cost is $150,000 which friends and family have to fundraise for. She is not a registered charity so corporations wont give to her cause, and registered charities wont help her because, there isnt one that is designated for this particular reason. This girl needs help it is a matter of life and death for her and the only chance at a normal life.

Letter to
Jim Flaherty Finance Minister of Canada OHIP - Ontario Health Insurance Plan
Finance Minister of Canada Jim Flaherty
pay for medical care for Ontario children in the USA