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Start investigating Ohio Secretary of State for His Actions.

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The Constitution of Ohio   provides for impeachment and removal from office for officials who have committed misdemeanors or worse crimes.

The citizens of   Ohio urgently call for the Impeachment of  Ohio Secretary Of  State  Jon Husted for his blatant voter suppression activity during the 2012 elections.

 Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has done his best to prevent Democrats from voting in the 2012 Presidential Election. First,   Husted and his Republican legislature undertook a purge of  Ohio’s voting lists that were so biased against minorities (who tend to vote Democratic) that the state was sued by the Department of Justice for violating the National Voter Registration Act. The purge was so overly aggressive that there are now reports of multiple military personnel being disenfranchised by the State of  Ohio for the 2012 election. In addition, Husted and his Republican co-conspirators in the legislature dramatically cut back on early voting hours in Ohio and the gerrymandering of districts to benefit only one party.

Their moves now stand as a clear indicator that Ohio’s Secretary of State and legislature have no qualms about suppressing the votes of their opponents.

 Secretary of State,  Jon  Husted led efforts to suppress voter turnout by curtailing early voting hours which resulted in confusion and extended waiting periods for voters all across the state.

 Ohio Republican Secretary of State,  Jon  Husted cut the number of early voting days from 14 to eight, Husted signed into law changes in 2011 that cut early voting days from 14 to eight. As the early voting lines grew longer, he refused requests to issue an executive order adding more days.

All early voting was cut except in the five counties covered by the Voting Rights Act. Those counties continued to have 12 days of early voting.Husted,  also eliminated early voting on the Sunday before the election, a heavy voting day for minorities. Shows  that the  Secretary Of State sought to use suppression tactics on the Democratic voters of the State of  Ohio.

Additionally the number of voting machine allocated to Democratic areas, versus Republican areas was severely limited, with some polling areas having insufficient machines to handle the high voter turnout.

His Failure to allocate sufficient voting machines to Democratic areas is deliberate voter suppression and should be deemed illegal simply because of a lack and insensitivity to the rights of Democratic voters.

We the citizens of  Ohio strongly feel it is time to investigate and impeach  Secretary of State Jon Husted,  because Ohio can do much better!


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