Bring back Spring Break at Ohio State

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Recently, the Vice President of Ohio State University emailed students about some major changes that were to take place during the Spring Semester of 2021. Among these changes was the removal of a standard Spring Break.

The Ohio State University has opted to reduce Spring Break from an entire week to two instructional breaks on Tuesday, Feb 9th and Wednesday, March 31st with no classes. The reason for this is stated to be to reduce travel related exposure. I believe that while there are some benefits to this, there are also detrimental ramifications. The University is certainly looking out for the students physical health, but I cannot see past the potential mental health effects. Students at different walks in their lives could have many reasons for wanting to go home over spring break, and the University has likely taken that only opportunity from many students. 

With this petition, I, James Laughead, among others, would like to request an audience with either the Vice President or President of Ohio State University in order to discuss the thought process behind shortening the Spring Break. My goal is to convince them to bring back a full week spring break, and I will do everything in my power to do so.