Bring back Spring Break at Ohio State

I am signing this because we have to teach ourselves all of the course material. Personally, I have not gotten one break since school started. The workload online is ten-fold (in my situation, at least). The professors are not doing a good job of giving resources to help learn the material. I am working on school more than I ever did in the past and online is 10x more work than in-person. We have to teach ourselves, it is hard to get ahold of professors, and professors are assigning homework even over the weekends. Why would they cancel the break when we are putting in even more work? I don't even care about traveling, we just need a break! This is so tough and there are no good resources to help with classes, tutoring, etc.! Classes are 10x more hard online!

Amanda Sheets, Amherst, OH, United States
6 months ago
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