Unfair Practices of all the members of the OHIO PAROLE BOARD

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My son, Kenneth D Gruber III,  has been in prison now for 19 years, was told he would get out July 1, 2017 and then the parole board gave him another 2 years, so they will look at file again July 2019.  We need to get something done before then to make the OHIO PAROLE BOARD PANEL to release their hold and give him his life back.  His wife wanted a divorce and told him he would never see his kids, and he had sex with her against her wishes.   He is not the same person that entered the prison system in 1999.  His anger is gone, God is his Pilot, he has went through every possible program has over 400 certificates and is an ordained minister.  He helps with the Horizon Program, Kairos Inside, counsel many inmates and helps them to get their life's on the right track.  He has job waiting on him, many supporters.  There is something so wrong with the system that would keep someone like him locked up for no reason except their own control.  He is in the Honor Camp and has been since June or July 2017  I am 75 years old and I am his mother, I need to see him free before my time on this earth is up.  Thanks to all that will support this cause.