Stop Excessive Fees for Small Business Inflatable Operators

Stop Excessive Fees for Small Business Inflatable Operators

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Ohio Inflatable Operators Association (OIOA) started this petition to Ohio State Senate and

As all of you are aware the COVID-19 virus and the governments reaction has put the entire country in a precarious position.  As your local Inflatable Rental Company we have all done everything that we can to abide by the rules and keep ourselves and our customer safe while trying to do what little business we can in hopes to survive as a small business.
No person, business or government is immune to what has happened and to further the impact on our industry governor DeWine has announced $775 million in budget cuts.   As a result of the Ohio Department of Agriculture(ODA) has furloughed all employees of the Ride Safety Division, with the exception of one administrative position, and as of 5/22/2020 will no longer be operating.
Will this be a permanent shutdown of that division?  We don’t think so. 

The amusement parks and the hard ride operators would like to get the department back up and running so they can open for the year.  While we agree that things need to open back up, we DO NOT agree that inflatables should be part of the same operating group.  Inflatable inspection and permit fees have long been the primary source of revenue for the department and fixed parks and larger mechanical amusements do not pay an equal amount based on the labor and time of inspection.  We have subsidized the amusement parks and these large operators for a long time.  Many inflatable companies pay $5000,  $10000, $30000 or more in fees every year. In return, Inflatable Companies are forced to raise their prices to keep up with this increased costs.

There is an active push by the ODA to outsource the inspections to a private company.  If we allow this to happen there is a good chance that the current fee structure will change, and we want to ensure inflatable operators are not encumbered with a further increase of fees that continue to compound our cost of compliance.

The Ohio Inflatable Operators Association (OIOA) is proposing a program similar to the Ride Safety Program in Pennsylvania that allows for self-inspection, promotes education of operators within the industry, and proven results making compliance more affordable but effective in achieving safety.  

Highlights for the proposed regulations are below:

  • State of Ohio still will receive licensing fees for inflatable amusement companies and employees are tested
  • Operators inspect and certify their own equipment.
  • Operators must abide by all ASTM standards.
  • The operators are required to take mandatory Ride Safety training (usually 2 – 3 days every 2 years), administered by a private organization and much less expensive than Ohio's current fee structure.
  • The Pennsylvania program currently has the testing fee established at $50 per person.
  • State of Ohio would maintain oversight and audit through physical inspection, compliance, and enforcement.
  • Companies are still required to submit their itineraries and certificates of liability Insurance per licensing regulations

We want to continue to provide the State oversight and work together for a safe, affordable program.

We need everyone to do their part now.  The greater our voice the better chance we have of producing meaningful results.  It is important that, now more than ever, we all get together to ensure our survival.  Please help us put this project in motion.
What can you do to help?

  • Reach out to your state representatives.
  • Let your friends and neighbors know what we are proposing and how it affects all of us.
  • Let your customers know what we are proposing.
  • Explain to everyone that if we are unable to operate this year some of us may not be here in 2021.
  • Ask any other operators if they received this and forward it to them if they haven’t.
  • Sign this petition.

If you can help in any way please contact us at

Also reach out to your representatives as soon as possible:

Thank You,

Ohio Inflatable Operators Association (OIOA)

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!