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Safe guarding our future

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Safeguarding our future by securing & deterring

Calling upon State Representatives, House and Senate to sponsor/ co-sponsor this resolution/bill on behalf of all Americans everywhere to safeguard the future of our nation by securing our schools

Whereas we could use a system of blue light boxes with instant access to local law enforcement

Whereas we could use the shotspotter system in areas of schools that are more prone to violence

Whereas we could use the Barracuda door defense systems on all school doors

Whereas we could set up a new program of police response buttons in our schools

Whereas we could set up metal detectors to a designated entrance into our schools

Whereas we could use hired private security through a state level to safeguard our schools.



Like our college campuses have to make our students feel more secure knowing they would not have to pull out their phone and try to dial for help in the struggle for safety. These boxes could be placed/ depending on school size around the outside parameter and in school parking lots. Using this method as more of a deterrence

Using the shotspotter system to instantly detect the sound of gunshots around school grounds. Most school setups should only need one depending on the distance. This may be a more costly method, but used in more prone to violence areas

Using the Barracuda door defense system is one of the best ideas used in conjunction with the below explanation. These could be stored and placed behind all building doors. These systems are on the less expensive side to implement into our school districts and could be used once the staff knows of an active shooter on grounds. They can then barricade their doors blocking entry.



Developing a new system along the same lines as the fire pull  alarm in our schools today. Except this concept would be a blue box with a white button that would instantly send a call to local law enforcement of a threat. The same way the fire pulls do for the fire department. This button when pressed would, just like the fire alarm pulls, expel a liquid, blue of course, to thwart any unnecessary pulls. The button could be put under a liftable plastic casing to prevent any accidental bumping. Once pressed it will send a call to law enforcement then instantly light up blue beacon lights with a sound notifier that would be placed in each room of the schools to alert classrooms instantly to use the before mentioned system of implementing the barracuda door lock systems to secure their classrooms.
Setting up metal detectors at a single point of entrance/exit into our schools. All other doors should remain locked unless other detectors are put into use.
Hiring private security to make sure our schools are safe, to be used as a deterrence mechanism. One to two patrols per school depending on size. Paid for through local, federal or state levels.

All the before mentioned ideas are ways to help safeguard & deter any threats to students, the future of our nation without encroaching on American citizens rights to bear arms. Are some of these ideas expensive to implement statewide? Nationwide? More than likely yes.

Funds could be pulled together from federal levels, state and local along with fundraising sales.

But when do you put a price on keeping our youth safe?



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