Require body cameras for all police officers in Ohio

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We would like to encourage lawmakers to require all officers in the state of Ohio to wear body cameras and use them. A current bill in the Ohio House of Representatives (HB 425) declares body camera recordings not to be public record. This is a good first step to requiring body cameras, but there are more steps to be taken. When a group of citizens were surveyed, 73.3% believed all of Ohio should require body cameras and 71.7% would feel safer if body cameras were worn. The use of these cameras would document what actually happened in situations and benefit multiple aspects of society including attorneys, citizens, and police supervisors. A common concern is imposing on the privacy of the officers and citizens but with the group of citizens interviewed, about 50% believed that the cameras did not impose on their privacy or the officers’ privacy. With the use of technology becoming more and more prevalent, body cameras are the next logical step. We hope you will agree and sign our petition to modernize police agencies all across Ohio and document police interactions for the betterment of society.