Protect our 911 Dispatchers Systems- Electrical and Safety Issues

Protect our 911 Dispatchers Systems- Electrical and Safety Issues

December 9, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Brian Weaver

Please help me spread the website to keep 911 Systems safe.

Video Clip of my journey with recorded audios of Senior Staff comments in HR/ PD/ IT meetings at

As former 911 Systems Administrator I was terminated for reporting/ documenting 911 security issues administration wanted to cover up and report to OSHA. OSHA/PERRP is aware of issues but states Police Departments are exempt.

Reprimanded for documenting issues with 911 systems in workorders and security cameras disabled after I got videos of Dispatchers misconduct after several outages during my employment.

Examples of security and safety issues of 911 Dispatchers Systems during my one year employment:

Corruption of 911 Dispatch and Police Records Data and Database

Unlicensed Shareware installed on 911 Dispatchers Workstation permitted by management

Gahanna Cant send Emergency Mass Missing Kid Alert due to corruption of Police Administration neglect that they dont want documented and reprimanded staff for documentating that affected Police Systems.  Example: Toolboxes and 2 ton jacks on top of equipment corrupting 911 Dispatchers software. 

Pictures and documentation:

Reprimanded for documenting 911 systems going down with spilled drinks and preventative electrical issues- Police Administration disabled security cameras after I reported to OSHA/PERRP and OSHA s/PERRP can't do anything as Police Dept are exempt from safety violations

Reprimanded for informing Dispatchers not to plug personal cell phones in USB ports of Dispatchers Workstations to charge them

Photos posted:

Additional Audios, pictures and documentation located at

Ohio Attorney General needs to do investigation to protect ADA Rights, 911 Systems, and Public Records in City of Gahanna and Law Enforcement

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Signatures: 20Next Goal: 25
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