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MyDaughter is being abused and nothing is being done! . Her father currently has custody. We had shared parenting and went back to court in 2010 because her father was keeping her from me. But little did I know my attorney at the time (who in which no longer practices law after my case) was not doing his job. A few weeks later i found a decision was made but it was to late for me to do anything about it. Paul Ferri destroyed my entire case.! I've been fighting the courts and my daughter's dad for years over the issue. Not long after that my daughter started to display some things that stood out to me and was very concerning. She also became more verbal about things she was witnessing and things that was happening to her. Children services in my county is all for my daughter coming home but children services in Franklin County are refusing to do anything or taking proper actions to protect my daughter. Her school and police officers have even reported the abuse and are in shock that she is even still in her father's care. I've been through five attorneys now no one is taking the case serious! This is my child she is not just another case number as they all keep treating her.! The "justice system" continues to fail my daughter! I'm scared to death that one day I'll get a call saying something horrible has happens to her . I cry myself to sleep almost every night. I pray and I pray hoping God hears our cries. I have four other children in my home . I've never been found unfit . I have absolutely no record. Her father was arrested for DV against me.. He has a current CPO order against him from someone else. Her father has always had a history of being violent and very short tempered. So why is my daughter still being subjected to sexual and physical abuse in his care!!?? When being questioned by children services they do it in front of her father . If I was a child being questioned in front of my abuser I'd stay quiet to and be scared to death!! I've tried being her voice but no one will listen. Now that she is older and starting to talk and be strong the system is still letting her down . How many children have to go through abuse? How many more children have to die and suffer because their little voices are not heard loud enough!? Why must my beautiful little girl be one of them? I named her justice in hopes that she would be someone someday with a voice and make a difference for people. She fought to be here, I've held her in my arms while her heart stopped and I prayed god to bring her back to me and he did, it kills me to see my precious little girl still fighting and hurting after all she has been through. Please don't let her voice continue to go unheard . Someone please help us . I've done everything I can I don't know what else to do or who else to turn to . My daughter is worth being heard . Every child suffering through abuse deserves to have a voice. My daughter needs me and I need her. She is my little girl! My Princess! #Justice4Justice

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