Legalization of Recreational Marijuana in Ohio

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The goal of this petition is to make recreational marijuana legal in Ohio. Recreational marijuana should be legal for several reasons including that it will help boost the economy and benefit many aspects of the community. One of the biggest benefits to the economy is tax revenue. For example, Colorado was reported to have gained $247,368,473 in tax revenues from marijuana sales in 2017 alone. This tax money goes to schools, senior citizens, rebuilding urban communities, and other projects around the community. The state will also receive an estimated $180 million a year in retail sale. Another benefit is that as legal marijuana grows black market sales have plummeted across all aspects not just in marijuana. It is estimated that by 2021 the black market will shrink by 67% due to legalizing marijuana. Also, legalizing marijuana will reduce crime rates and save money on arrest costs. Drug-related arrests are estimated to be reduced by 52% which would save approximately $4 billion annually.  Overall legalizing marijuana would be very beneficial to the state of Ohio, so please help us pass this law by signing this petition today!