Allow Children of Split Homes a Voice of Residence!

Allow Children of Split Homes a Voice of Residence!

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Why this petition matters

Started by Kristin Jones

      A common misconception is that “at a certain age, children of split homes have the right to decide which parent they want to reside with”.  The reality is that this varies by state and is ultimately up to the judge.  My personal story in the matter involves Ohio family courts. 

     This petition is to allow children in the state of Ohio to have a voice!
 Allow children of spilt homes to choose which parent they wish to live with!  

     This law would eliminate a lot of stress from children’s lives.  The children are the ones being forced into each unique situation often times by a courts decision. They are caught in the middle. Allowing them the opportunity to make the decision as to which parent to live with would easily determine the kids best interest and well-being, specifically in high conflict cases.  While one parent, may use the kids as a means to get back at the other, and they may be able to fool the courts, perhaps one parent has more money or people willing to contribute, or he/she knows the right people, ultimately, the kids are the ones that suffer the consequences and they know which parent truly has their best interests at heart. 

     This petition is to allow children by the age of 9 years old to make the determination of which parent they wish to live with, instead of forcing them where to reside.  Younger children are completely innocent in all of this and are not yet established in middle and high school, which can be a harder transition for them.  They know which parent they are most comfortable with and who provides them with the best care.  This law will give these kids that are feeling confused, uncomfortable, depressed, anxious, nervous, and let down by the courts decisions a specific birthday to forward to. 
An age that allows them to be heard!  It may be the end to emotional, mental or even physical abuse for these kids!   Things that can be overlooked or unproven within the courts. 

    There are countless blogs and comments from kids requesting and wishing that they had a right within the courts as to who has custody of them. Kids of all ages that are unhappy with the outcome of the courts.  There are many families that would benefit from this law.  If you feel that your child(ren) or the child(ren) of someone you know could benefit from this change. Please sign this petition now!  Allow our children to be heard! 

268 have signed. Let’s get to 500!