Alianna Alert

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Keisha Taylor
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Alianna DeFreeze went missing in Cleveland, Ohio, on January 26, 2017. The 14 year old was taking public transportation to get to school, and never made it there. Reportedly, her mother called police at 4:15 pm, after receiving a phone call from the school advising that her daughter was not in attendance that day. It was later discovered that Alianna was abducted and murdered. 

The goal of this petition is much like an Amber Alert. All schools should be required to notify parents within 1 hour of the start of the school day, if their child has not arrived. 

I myself have 3 school aged daughters. I'm fortunate enough to be able to drop them off each day. But for the parents who must send their kids walking, or taking a bus, it is IMPERATIVE to be notified if they have not made it to their destination. By the time Alianna's mother was notified that her daughter was not in school, it was likely too late. 

This is why I propose this change; The Alianna Alert. So that if your child, for whatever reason is not in school, there will not be precious hours wasted on the unknown. Please sign this petition as a safety guard for our children. It's a travesty that it comes from this horrible act, but just like the Amber Alert, it has the potential to save lives.