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We the citizens of counties containing both English and Amish person are asking that the laws be enforced the same for both groups of people living in these counties.

Our grievances are as follows:  Our children must attend a driving school and are not permitted to drive until the age of 16 and passed an Ohio governed drivers test and have insurance.  We see Amish children on our township, county and state roads sporting 4 wheelers, scooters, farm equipment, and construction equipment operated by Amish children some as young as age 7.  At the age of 7 they do not have the mindset to read and comprehend traffic flow and defensive driving let alone being able to reach the pedals.  Yet this goes on everyday in "the Amish Capital of the World". The insurance liability on top of that is just an added bonus we get hit our rates go up and they have no consequences at all both financial and law.

The use by adults of farm and construction equipment along with the hauling of persons on the back with flatbed trailers with little or no lighting and sitting on lawn chairs with no restraints is yet another issue.

You ask us for our support to get you elected now we the people are asking you for your help in stopping the injustice between the English and the Amish laws.   After all there is only one constitution and one Ohio revised Code that we are to follow yet the police and judges in these areas seem to have two sets of rules this has to stop the discord has been there for years and getting worse as time goes by.

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