Respect Ohio's Retired Teachers, Restore Their Promised COLA

I am signing this petition because my husband is getting a C0LA with his Social Security. When I retired, I considered that yearly COLA as part of my retirement. I am getting angrier by the day. When I protested in Columbus, I was so taken aback by the unbelievable facilities. Those facilities were built with my dollars. If I cannot have my cost of living raise, employees of STRS should not get a cost-of-living raise or a bonus. You say that is the way to keep good employees. I was a great employee. I gave so much of my life to the children I taught. That is my money and I worked very hard for it. 76% is great. You’ll never get to 100% so we’ll never get our COLA but you’ll get yours.

Melanie Beyersdofer, United States
3 months ago
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