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Decriminalize the open carry of tennis balls in Ohio

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The Cleveland ban on tennis balls surrounding the GOP convention is an affront to millions of law abiding players around the country.

At first it didn't make sense. Guns are allowed in the event area, but not tennis balls? How come some enthusiasts can share their sport with the public and we can't?

But soon Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson's office cleared things up.

"Bottom line, we're going to follow the law. It's state law. There's no state law on tennis balls."

You see, Ohio law protects the open-carry of firearms. So gunmen are protected, but tennis players are not.

Come on, this is 2016. The State of Ohio should immediately take up and pass legislation to restore to Ohioans their right to open carry tennis balls in public, for the following reasons:

First, cheaters don't follow the rules anyway. They just find another way around. All this rule does is strip the right of by-the-book athletes to play with their tennis balls in public. And a tennis ball isn't doing much good if it has to stay locked away at home. Denying this right is a slippery slope that leaves us all wondering where it might end. The next thing you know, Governor Kasich is sending jack-booted government thugs to our homes to take all the balls away. Inconceivable.

Second, ball-free zones are welcome mats that scream to international tennis stars, 'go away!' Think about all the cities that haven't hosted a major tennis championship. Wichita. Cumberland. Boise. Cleveland. Guess what? Ball-free zones. All of them. Probably. Study after study after study shows us that Williams sisters and men with the last name Federer simply prefer to play tennis in open carry tennis ball zones.

And finally, no tennis player in this great country should have to face a pick-up match empty handed. Because if you're challenged on the court, the only thing that stops a bad trash-talker with a Wilson is a good player with a Penn.

We won't stop until justice is served and every Ohioan is #freeballin'.

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