#FreeChazBunch Ohio Juvenile Lifer Set for Retrial 2018

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This petition is being started to support the Liberation of Chaz Bunch, one of Ohio's first Juvenile Lifers, sentenced to death by incarceration at the age of 16. 

Greetings All,

Chaz is in need of Letters of Support for his case retrial coming up soon. We are seeking to have his case heard and his conviction and overturned.

Chaz is not guilty & the evidence proves his innocence.  You can send your support letters directly to Chaz:

Chaz Bunch #434-863

Southern Ohio Correctional Facility

P.O. Box 45699

Lucasville, Ohio 45699

We also demand Judge R. Scott Krichbaum should be recused from Chaz's case. He is not imparcial and has a history of enacting extremely harsh sentences to juvenile offenders. He has shown extreme prejudice against Chaz and his co-defendant(s) and was forced to remove himself from several cases because of his questionable opinions & judgement.

Term Expires 2/8/2021
120 Market Street
Youngstown, OH 44503

Courtroom 3

Phone: 330-740-2167

Fax: 330-742-5893

Please send these letters directly to Chaz as well. 




Life without the Possibility of Parole, at the age of 16... Please allow that to sink in. Let's think for a minute; how many of us at the age of 25, 30, 40 and so on, are making the same decisions at these ages, as we did as a teen? It has been proven by professionals and psychologists that the brain development, at this stage, does not have the capacity to reason out consequences to the depth that society can judge them as "adults". All the way until 25, the brain has not reached its full capacity to critically think consequentially, especially when you factor in upbringing, lack of education & opportunities, medications and addictions and overall communal and society influences, that impact their everyday lives. As someone who has worked with young people for more than 25 years.  I have seen the raw, extenuating circumstances that contribute to the conditions our youth are being raised in. Our youth deal with way information than we did one and two generations ago. What have we learned that we should be teaching them? And why are so many of us saying "That ain't MY problem!", when it is...? It's all of our problem! We have failed, with the biggest of F's! We allowed others to speak on our behalf. We failed to find the courage to uplift our youth to do and be better than us. We allowed the public school system to establish the "school to prison pipeline" on our watch. And because we were more concerned with image, than substance, we must now swallow the bitter pill of reality and demand better, from ourselves, from our neighbors and from our commUNITY! Chaz is innocent and the evidence proves it. I don't want to hear "That ain't my problem"! It IS your problem because the next person to get the phone call or the knock at the door, may just be you! Then what will you do? We need one another RIGHT NOW! Please sign, share and support this Petition. Thanks for your support. Love, Queen Tahiyrah


On August 21, 2001 I was supposedly involved as a "conspiring perpetrator" of an aggravated robbery, kidnapping and rape of a 21 year old female. At the young age of 16, I hardly could be considered of the state of mind to devise, plan, and implement such an act, involving multiple participants beyond my age, whereby I was assigned the mastermind. In light of nothing, but circumstantial evidence, all constructed by the actual admitted perpetrators of this crime the State of Ohio, in the county of Mahoning pursued a course of prosecution that resulted in the imposing of a sentence that is Cruel and Unusual, to say the least.

I received a horrific prison sentence of 89 years . At the age of sixteen, I could not comprehend the totality this decision carried considering I was illiterate at the time. The State key witness came forward a year after the crime, lied to save his self from a life sentence, with a manufactured story created by the prosecution alleging the reason he didn’t come forward sooner because I had imitated him by stating that I had killed many times over and had gotten away with the murders each time. Yet, due to ‘no evidence’ to support my involvement in this crime, the State of Ohio asserted before the open court in the presence of the jury, that he feared if he came forward and I got away with this crime I would come kill his entire family. Notwithstanding the prejudice this statement produced at my trial, whereby the trial court refused to grant a mistrial. How could the State’s prosecuting attorney or any other court official determine I was so diabolical at age 16, whereas I could present the potential of a trail of bodies in my early past to such an extent. This in itself is preposterous. Yet, very entertaining for a Hollywood screenplay.

My initial intention of this site is to alert the media and the public of my complaint to include the egregious misconduct of the detectives’ investigation, the prosecutor, and my counsel behind the scene cooperation that compromised the integrity of my entire trial proceedings.

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