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This picture is one of our follower's sister. She went to the emergency room 6/12/2020 because she was left outside at a nursing home by herself when the facility fully knew she should not be. She had an unwitnessed fall and injured the back of her head. There must be accountability for this ever happening!


Please sign this petition to oppose House Bill 606 & Senate Bill 308 that legislates away accountability and consequences for neglect for the most helpless population in nursing homes, the elderly, disabled, veterans, and the black population that has a high number of deaths in the COVID-19 Emergency. Many of these residents cannot fend, protect, or speak up for themselves.

This law does not just protect businesses from getting sued for someone getting COVID-19. It also includes protecting nursing homes from being accountable for everyday neglect if it is COVID-19 connected in any way. Just having cases of it in a facility will excuse not having enough staffing, residents not getting water or food, falling for lack of assistance, bedsores from residents they don't turn. COVID-19 will excuse this and so much more!

Residents of nursing homes should not be included in law in the same arena of retail businesses, of optional dentist visits, and other businesses that do not compare to the needs of a nursing home resident. It is nowhere near the same situation.

Nursing homes choose to engage in a business that takes care of high needs residents. Nursing Homes should not be able to simply opt-out of that commitment in an emergency. This bill sends the wrong message.

The rights are taken away from residents in long-term care:

No staffing requirements, limited or no in-person oversight by the Ombudsman's Office, The Ohio Department of Health, The families locked out with very limited communication with those they advocate and help care for. Very little transparency in accurate data to the resident's families in policy, procedures, COVID-19 transmissions, and deaths of residents and staff at facilities.

And now, an immunity law that takes away consequences and accountability for civil liability that will likely result in more injuries and deaths.

Of course, there are many supporting this bill, what business would not support a bill that gives them immunity to lawsuit, accountability and consequences for their actions? What advocates for the elderly think this is a good bill for them? Where are they? The ones that do have something to say, the families who advocate for their loved ones are being ignored in this bill. 

The way the elderly and their families are being treated in this crisis is wrong on many levels. Including them in these bills is wrong on many levels

Sign to demand acceptable care for our loved ones in nursing homes!

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