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Protection Order DENIED !

Rebecca Pena
Cincinnati, OH

Jul 24, 2013 — Clermont County Domestic Relations Court has denied my request for a protection order, they gave absolutely no consideration to abuse, lack of utilities, or sexual issues. Their reason being , This court does not have jurisdiction since there was a divorce and a custody order in another county. I asked the Magistrate " Did you read the allegations ?" in tears, her response " Do you understand ? I am unable to hear this case" I answered and cried even more that " I'M JUST TRYING TO PROTECT MY SON !" She then offered to print up her bounce order sending me to a county 60 miles away. Penny Ann Gates I would like to thank you for doing absolutely nothing for a child who was abducted by his father and abused for 7 years of sheer hell. I will personally ensure you NEVER get elected as a judge in this or any county in the US.


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