Stop Industrial Solar Projects' Attack on Wildlife, Water, Environment, Homes and Health

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Rural Ohio is under attack! Massive industrial solar farms are being forced on our rural communities with little notice and without regard to the lasting impact on the environment and citizens. These fields are destroying our valuable fertile farmland that feeds our country! Our bald eagles, peregrine falcons, horned owls, endangered mussels, wild turkeys, deer and more will also be threatened by increased runoff into our creeks, 10' chain link fences that will surround the fields will change their migration and increased risk of fires to name a few. The full impact on avian migration and daily life is not yet determined. Homeowners are being surrounded by hundreds of acres of solar panels that contain toxic substances and may expose them to high levels of EMFs and residential wells could be affected by any toxic elements released from damaged panels as would our creeks and beyond. The monies promised are not enough to offset the extreme losses in property values (with that comes less property taxes), the wasteland that will remain when the companies leave or the program fails or the loss of citizens leaving the area to rid themselves of these hazards. There are other spaces to place these panels-abandoned mines, airports, large factory roofs and sparsely populated areas to name a few. Ohio can do better for it's citizens! We DESERVE better! Our wildlife DESERVE better! Our environment DESERVES better! Ohio DESERVES better!