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Ohio: No Front Plate Required

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1) Saves taxpayer money by printing one plate and increases funds to the state

2) In the 20 or more states that have abolished the front license plate requirement, there is no evidence of a decline in public safety as a result of the plate removal.  

3) Provides additional incentive for Ohioans to stay in Ohio and not move to Florida, where they have no state income tax and no front plate requirement.

4) All of the surrounding states: Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky have no front plate requirement.  

5) The front plate increases aerodynamic drag and fuel consumption.

6)  The front plate restricts airflow into many vehicles cooling systems, causing the vehicles to use more fuel and to run at higher temperatures.

7)  Front license plates and the accompanying frames, screws and bolts can cause extra damage to other vehicles even in the most minor of collisions. Higher collision damage results in higher insurance costs. By removing the requirement for front license plates Ohio citizens would benefit by lower damage in collisions and therefore lower insurance rates. 

8)  License plates are not recycled and cause damage to the environment.  Ending the front plate would reduce damage to the environment.  

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