Remove The Rolling 90 days Limit Now

Remove The Rolling 90 days Limit Now

January 21, 2020
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Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Board Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Board
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ohio Cannabis Live

 We are all now in a major health crisis due to covid19 and patients need to be able to have fair access to the medicine they need .

The following problems continue as result of the rolling 90 day limits   

  1. Missing sales and purchasing data
  2. Patients days showing wrong  in Ohio medical marijuana registry
  3. Missing 90 day refills
  4. Confusion on how to track purchases, days, or limits by patients and dispensary employees. 
  5. Patients are not able to purchases medicine due to incorrect data in patients registry 

To solve these problems I am  suggesting  the following amendments and changes to the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program 

1. Create separate system for Ohio medical marijuana patients only . Lets call it Ohio Medical Cannabis Patient Tracking Systems "OMCPTS" for short .

2. Remove the "rolling" 90 day  limits and  replace with  weight in grams and ounces .  Allow patients to purchase 7 ounces in  a calendar month. Regardless of the form flowers edibles,tinctures, and concentrates . 

 3. Replace 1.6 g ,2.8 g,2.5g,8.4 g, units with 3.5 g,7.0g ,14.0g and 28 g units . This will make tracking a lot  easier for everyone involved. 


  These changes will help make it easier for patients to track their Ohio medical cannabis purchases. It will also be easier for the dispensaries and the state to track a patients purchases and monitor any abuse or errors.

Also fixing the patients limits will allow patients to be able to budget and manage their allowances more efficiently. 

I am asking anyone who supports this to sign it and share with others 

and use the hash tag #remove90daylimit 


Ohio Medical Cannabis Group 

Ohio Cannabis Live 







Support now
Signatures: 804Next Goal: 1,000
Support now