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Ohio Judicial System: Look into cases for the wrongfully convicted.

Too many people have been forgotten in the system!  Whether they are innocent and convicted of crimes they did not commit or giving sentences that are inhumane for the crime/s committed! 

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Ohio Judicial System
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Ohio Governor
We, as productive members in our communities, ask for the State of Ohio’s consideration in Mr. David Ayala’s sentence modification and release. Since being incarcerated at 19 years of age Mr. Ayala has achieved four crucial milestones. He has acquired his GED, a state certified barbering license, the credentials for Culinary Arts through the State of Ohio and most importantly his growth in maturity. These essential building blocks all provide a stable foundation for reintegration and for the new and successful journey we believe Mr. Ayala is most capable of embarking upon. He has spent many years working towards replacing his thoughts and ideas of monetary wealth for those of cultural wealth and for all of us offering our signatures in relation to this subject matter, we wish not to see his accomplishments be obfuscated by his past indiscretions. Nor do we wish to discern the imprudence’s of others who will one day share or currently share in his present environment be allowed to provide an argument for his elongated incarceration.
Mr. Ayala’s incarceration began on the 27th day of April, 1994. As peers, acquaintances and loved ones we unite and offer support and guidance while believing in his growth as a human being and in his rehabilitation. Allow us to allow David to help silence those who say rehabilitation has been lost throughout corrections forever, if only a few. Allow him to once again be a father to his son, a brother to his sisters and a grandson to his aged grandmother. There comes a time in every one of our lives when we need someone to take a chance and believe in us. We ask that you provide David, Mr. Ayala with his second chance at life and permit him to repay your generosity by becoming a productive member of society.
We thank you for the time you may spend while considering the sentence modification or early release as it has been provided for you in the form of clemency.

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