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Petitioning State Representative Gerald Stebelton 2 and 2 others

Pass Legislation HB 237 and Repeal PARCC and the Common Core State Standards in Ohio

The Common Core State Standards, or Race To The Top initiative, is a federal program designed by corporate interests to profit from our children. It has been both a logistical and educational failure in several states before Ohio.

Both the libertarian wing of the Republican Party and the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, both wings not paid for by corporate interests, are against this federal oversight.

The Gates Foundation and Jeb Bush has been pushing the standards on the Obama administration, and even before the 2008 elections. Education vendors are positioned to profit from the federal grants, leaving state districts out of money. The curriculum is designed, not by "teachers, child psychologists, or business leaders", but by non-educators.

Pennsylvanian Senate Democrats have called the standards a misery, and will greatly reduce their graduation rates.

Tea Party and 9-12 groups have mobilized all around the nation to combat Common Core.

Florida Democrat teachers have banded against Common Core in their state.

This is not a partisan fight. This is the people's fight.

So if you support teacher-based education and freedom from corporate interests and our childrens' future, please sign this petition in support of HB237, which will repeal Common Core in Ohio!

Letter to
State Representative Gerald Stebelton 2
Ohio State House
Representative Gerald Stebelton
Please pass Legislation HB 237 to repeal PARCC and the Common Core State Standards.