Opening of private workout facilities and studios

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There is a large sector of the market that has been overlooked while opening businesses during this epidemic. Private gyms and training facilities are being lumped in with “Gyms“ etc.  These facilities are more dynamic and able to operate under the social distancing and safety guidelines that are currently given by the state of Ohio. There hasn’t even been any information or details presented in any of the announcements. Many of these private facilities and studios cannot get any kind of help or aid through any of the current programs being that majority of their workers are 1099. These facilities have the ability to do personal training, small group training In order to Create some sort of revenue. There’s a big health factor at risk as well. Many of these clients look to their daily health routine as a part of their every day wellness. We are able to operate under the social guidelines if not better than majority of businesses that are already being open. This needs to be addressed. There are restaurants were 45 workers are touching the food, dining in, dentists that are reaching inside of mouth’s, nail salons and barbers that have to physically touch clients Etc etc.  we are able to keep a 6 foot distance, sanitize everything being used, having easy flow in and out of the establishment. Also the ability to take individual appointments as well as many other dynamic opportunities to create revenue. Without the ability to go to your school for sports, or the ability to work out or train this would allow individuals to safely be able to make progress and or get back to their normal routine. In a sense creating a better healthy and positive mindset in this difficult time.