Stacy Logan’s freedom

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Stacy Logan out of Franklin County, Ohio has been incarcerated since the age of 17. Now 37 Stacy has been in Prison for 20 years on a 15- life sentence. 
Growing up in Columbus Stacy didn’t always have the best guidance and structure. At a very young age Stacy witnessed her parents doing hard core drugs like heroin and crack, witnessed domestic abuse among her parents and As Stacy grew older she was taught by her mom how to sell drugs to support her moms habit.

Stacys mom underwent heart surgery and had ammonia. She wasn’t doing well. Stacy and family asked Rodney Hatcher , another teenager to stop selling Crack and Heroin to her mother. Rodney threatened Stacy and continued to sell her mom drugs. Oneday in March 2000 Stacy who had just turned 17 three month prior in December 1999. Witnessed Rodney selling to her mother and asked him to stop in front of a Columbus home. Rodney threatened to shoot her and her boyfriend , Rodney and Stacys boyfriend got into a physical altercation, Stacy was scared and Stacy shot. One shot, one time. She shot Rodney out of fear. Rodney had 13.8 grams of dope on him at the time of the incident. Rodney passed away from his injury’s. 
Stacy is deeply remorseful and has changed her life in many ways. She’s completed every program prison has to offer. Shes received her cosmetology license, earned tons of certificates, has stayed out of trouble and isolation she also mentors young women and women doing life on top of many other achievements including letters written from staff at Ohio Reformatory for Women. 

Stacy Logan is currently serving her 20 Th year on a 15 to life sentence. She goes back to the parole board December 2021. Please sign this petition if you think she deserves a second chance at life.