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Remove Ohio Front Plate Law

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      In Ohio, we're required by law to place a front license plate on our vehicles when it has been proven, countless times, to add no effect to lowering crime. It causes the citizens of Ohio to pay collectively 1.65 million dollars in taxpayer money per year. Not only does having a front license plate hurt fuel economy, it also reduces the aerodynamics of your car. On most sports cars or muscle cars, it obstructs the cooling systems blocking the pathway for the car to breath which causes cars to run at a higher temperature. With the money that is used to create front license plates, we could alternatively invest that money in our communities, in our roads, and in our parks instead. 

       Let's say you purchase a car that doesn't have a front license plate bracket or you purchased your car from out of state, you now have to punch two holes into your front bumper to hang the license plate from. Having a front license plate proves to be costly for Ohio citizens and can cause lasting damage to their cars. That is only part of the problem with having a front license plate; the main concern is the danger that it puts us citizens in along with the officer who is initiating the traffic stop.

       Sam DuBose lost his life to a former Cincinnati police officer who stated he pulled him over solely because his front license plate was missing. That alone should have been enough to change the law but recently it has been voted down. The states surrounding Ohio all have removed their front license plate law or have moved it to a secondary offense, what is stopping Ohio from doing the same? A secondary offense means that an officer of the law cannot pull you over for simply not having a front license plate but would first have to pull you over for a more serious crime citing you for not having a front plate after. 

     To only be pulled over and cited for not having a front license plate seems to be an excuse to generate revenue and meet quota marks so that the police departments can keep its funding and I don't think that should be the reason to potentially lose your life over or upset the balance of your financial life. Not having your front license plate in some cities can cost anywhere from 100 to 140 dollars and if you go to court for this it could be even more in court fees. Please help me change Ohio for the better, help me protect the people and get on board with the rest of our surrounding states. Let's be a state that thinks proactively and positively to help one another. Thank you.  

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